If your inquiry is about 8mm or 16mm film, please watch the video examples on this website, so we are on the same page of what we do compared to other companies.  There will be a quiz :-)

Reel to reel 8mm & 16mm Film

#1. Most importantly is to watch the video examples.

The Quality of the work, mostly lack of, is going to vary tremendously from company to company.

More than 50% of my Business this year, was redoing other companies work from all over the country.

I show "Before & After" video examples of other companies work that their customers were not at all happy with.

The "Before" is other companies work.
The "After" in my work- after I redid it.

​#2 Little at a time

Getting your 8mm 16mm Films Transferred Little at a time is the best way to do this.

  • Do not send or drop off ALL your films to anybody!
  • How do you know what it's going to look like?
  • Many people make this mistake, thinking it's all the same.


  • Let me do 1 or 2 small reels. See how you like it !
  • ​It's been in the closet for 50+ years, take your time !
  • Getting Quotes & Bids, thinking that this is all the same, regardless who does it, is a recipe for disaster.
  • Watch the video examples so we are on the same page of what I do, compared to other companies.
  • View examples on a desk top with speakers best, I-phone, screen too small.
  • You don't want to be just comparing Price sheets, or some company will butcher your family film history.

When you watch the videos, you will understand, it's self-Explanatory!

#3. How my film transfer process differs from other companies.​ 16mm film conversion 8mm 16mm film FAQ

FAQ 8mm 16mm film transfer Digital Restoration

My Restoration service uses this type of equipment- Spirit_DataCine

CLICK HERE to see type of equipment.

Old Film Projectors are not used in my process, most other companies do.

Camcorders are not used in my process, no screens, no transfer box's - in my process. Most other companies do

I do not projected in any way and is not videotaped in any way. Most other companies do.

You really need to watch the videos to see what the difference is.