Price? Well it all depends what you want it to look like.

The Quality of the work, mostly lack of, is going to vary tremendously from company to company.

More than 40% of my Business this year, was redoing other companies work from all over the country.

Little at a time

Getting your 8mm 16mm Films Transferred Little at a time is the best way to do this.

  • Do not send or drop off ALL your films to anybody!
  • How do you know what it's going to look like?
  • Many people make this mistake, thinking it's all the same.


  • Let me do 1 or 2 small reels. See how you like it!
  • There is few things I need to know about your 50 to 80+ year Old Vintage films to give you an estimate.
  • ​A Digital photo of your reels, film cans open, is helpful.
  • ​I'm sure you want to know more than "how much"?

​#1. What it is going to come on? DVD, Computer file Format, USB Stick, Drive?

#2. What it is going to look and sounds like compared to other companies?

#3. Can I suggest titles and music ?

#4. Do you correct Film for proper speed, color & brightness?

#5. Do I get my Films back?

#6. If my super 8mm or 16mm films have a audio track, do you enhance it also?

#7. Do you clean films before transferring?

#8. Do you Repair Splices, burn spots, add leaders to the Film?

​#9. Do you Guarantee your work?

​#10. Do you have reviews?

​Be advised that a PRICE sheet is not going to be of help if you have not yet viewed a company's work which is associated with the price. CLICK HERE to see video comparison example.

The sample videos above will show other company's work compared to what I do.

I offer a 100% money back guaranteed that I can make your films look & sound better than any other company.

Please view my comparison videos before e-mailing my office,

NO EXCEPTIONS, VIEW ON P.C. or a Large screen device, speakers on.


Due to overwhelming demand, inquiries will be taken by e-mail only.